February 26, 2007

Abhishek of Bodo Babaji prior to his disappearance date by Nityananda Vamsha Goswami Prabhupad of Sribas Angan , Sri Navadwip Dham

Sri Sri RadhaRamano Jayati
(Bhaja) Nitai Gour Radhey Shyam
(Japa) Hare Krishna Hare Ram

Last week 17th Day of February was a big festival in Navadwip Dham at RadharamanBagh Samajbari. This is Utsava for Abhishek Utsava (Bathing Ceremony) of BodoBabaji (Radharaman Charan Das Dev) which is being done customarily by Nityanada Vamsa Prabhupadas of Sribas Angan Navadwip Dham. This has been going on in Navadwip since the time of Bodo Babaji's disappearance.

The reason behind the festival is very sweet pastime of Bodo Baba. One day while living in Navawip dham, Bodo Babaji called Goswamis of Sribas Angan suddenly. Nobody knew what was in his mind, and knowing the wish of Great Bodo Baba, the Goswamis came running along with all the other devotees. Then Bodo Babaji revealed that he had decided to leave this world, and asked the Goswamis please perform my Abhishek (Bath). Then all Goswamis of Sribas Angan along with other devotees started arranging for the event. Within a moment that news was spread through the whole Navadwip and thousands of people gathered at Samajbari to attend the ceremony. The news went to Bodo Babaji's Bhek Guru Sidhdha GaurHari Das Babaji Maharaja (Disciple of famous Siddha Jagannatha Das Babaji ) who was staying at Boral Ghat at Navadwip. Bodo Babaji was the soul of his Gurudev, Gurudev could not live for a moment without Bodo Baba, and GuruDev used to refer him as 'Premer Jadukar' - Wizard of Prema. Hearing the news of Bodo Babaji's wish, he came rushing to SamajBari, and started scolding Bodo Baba about such a wish, as he being his Gurudeva has the right to decide who would leave the world first. But he was bound by Bodo Babaji's love. Bodo Babaji's sweetly laughed and said, "I want to go first in presence of you, this is certain, you please come after three days of mine." Gurudeva could not resist him. Meanwhile Goswamis of Sribas angan started Abhishek ceremony of Bodo Babaji, that was such an event in Navadwip, thousands of devotees started bringing water from nearby Sribas Angan Ghat of Ganges, thousands of thousands pot full of Ganga Water was being poured on Bodo Babaji's head by Goswami's and all the devotee, for hours. Everybody got the chance to fulfill the desire of Bodo Baba for long time. Then he started taking prasad offered to Nitai Gaur Radhey Shyam. He ate all the food that was offered to Thakurs by so many devotees.

After this event on the next 3rd day Bodo Babaji left this world in front of his GuruDeva. His GuruDeva followed him within exact three days to join his beloved disciple in Nitya Lila.

The same abhishek are still being carried out by Goswami's of Sribas Angan and devotee of Sri Navadwip Dham.
Here we see a small glimpse of that event. - Jay Nitai

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